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A Short History of Cheezic Tang Soo Do

Although Tang Soo Do is a relatively modern martial art its basis, the Korean art Soo Bahk Do, has been in existence for many centuries. Soo Bahk originated during the Silla Dynasty in the years 618 to 935 A.D.. The name "Tang Soo Do" is literally translated to mean "the way of the China Hand". "Tang" represents the Tang Dynasty of China while "Soo" means hand and "Do" is defined as a way or system.

SLU Karate Club History

The Karate Club at Saint Louis University was formed in 1991 by Matt Warshauer. He originally learned Tang Soo Do while attending Central Connecticut State University as an undergraduate, and has since returned to Connecticut. His instructors were seventh degree Master Harry Needham and fifth degree Master Frank Capodicasa. Prior to the current instructors, SLU Karate Club has been instructed by Dan Bramer, Kate Steinhable, Keith Montgomery, Patrick Renick, and Beth Kovaly.

SLU Karate Club Instructors

SLU Karate instructors are passionate individuals who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences with their students. Combined, SLU Instructors bring over 70 years experience in several martial art styles to their classes, creating a diverse environment that nurtures hard work ethic, discipline, and tradition. SLU Karate instructors focus on more than just in the dojang - students will find themselves working hard in class, at work, and toward their life goals. 

Club Presidents

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SLU Karate recognizes these outstanding individuals for demonstrating leadership roles and responsibilities as Club President of SLU Karate.  They have been given honorary title, Club President, by their black belt instructors and fellow peers to serve with honor and integrity.  Their willingness to make full commitment to SLU Karate and help manage everyday task to making the "SLU Karate" brand known across campus is deeply appreciated.  We remember these names who has devoted their time and energy to sustaining and growing the club each year.