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Saint Louis University Karate Club Constitution

The SLU Karate Club is an organization designed to allow students with a mutual interest in the Martial Arts to gather together and learn the art of Tang Soo Do. The aims of the club are simple: We wish to promote not only the learning of martial arts, but to increase student relationships through the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship. In addition, the Saint Louis University Karate Club shall reflect Saint Louis University's commitment to education and the Jesuit Catholic mission in their purpose and all their actions.

Saint Louis University Karate Handbook

Official student handbook for the St. Louis University Karate Club includes, rules, belt ranks, terminology, student conduct, uniform and more.

Korean Terminology

Korean martial arts terminology.

Belt Ranks

"The black belt is not a mark or symbol of the end of the journey to ones mastery of the arts; rather it is the mark that one is done packing for their journey and may now take the first step in their true journey. This a journey which can not ever be complete, only traveled..." - Unknown

Karate Stretching

by Nina Cheong

An extensive stretching guide written by SLU Karate Club President Nina Cheong


by Justin Scoppetto

There really is nothing special about the workouts that weightlifters perform. Where I believe one's results originate from has to do with an individual’s attitude and approach towards what they are doing (internal), as opposed to the specific exercises they are performing (external).

Korean Terminology *

Korean martial arts terminology.