SLU Karate Club History

The Karate Club at Saint Louis University was formed in 1991 by Matt Warshauer. He originally learned Tang Soo Do while attending Central Connecticut State University as an undergraduate and has since returned to Connecticut. His instructors were seventh degree Master Harry Needham and fifth degree Master Frank Capodicasa. Prior to the current instructors, SLU Karate Club has been instructed by first degree black belt Beth Kovaly, and first degree black belts Dan Bramer, Kate Steinhable, Keith Montgomery, and Patrick Renick.

SLU Karate Club has withstood the test of time to become a well-respected martial arts school on the campus of Saint Louis University.

Master Belt Instructors

Master Jamie Mize, #948
Master Chris Beardsley, #1220
Master David Cormier, #1997
Master Leila Thampy, #1998
Maser Nam Nguyen, #2234

Black Belt Instructors

Dan McFarlane, #2453
Genevieve Emmerich, #2504

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