SLU Karate Club History

The Saint Louis University Karate Club was established in 1991 by Matthew Warshauer of West Hartford, CT, while a graduate student at SLU. Since then, the club has grown steadily and become the oldest martial arts club on campus, and it is regularly invited to perform demos and participate in tournaments, fundraisers, and other events on and off campus. To date, SLU Karate has trained and graded hundreds of students within the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation, and has been recognized as one of the longest-running clubs in the Federation. Dozens of students have earned the rank of Apprentice Black Belt during their time with SLU Karate, and a select number of them have been invited to grade for 1st Dan Black Belt. As of 2024, SLU Karate is also proud and honored that seven of their Black Belts have earned 4th Dan Master Belt rank.

Master Belt Instructors

Master Jamie Mize, #948
Master Chris Beardsley, #1220
Master David Cormier, #1997
Master Leila Thampy, #1998
Master Nam Nguyen, #2234
Master Dan McFarlane, #2453
Master Genevieve Emmerich, #2504

Black Belt Instructors

Nate Best, 3rd Dan #2692

Alex Ladage, 2nd Dan #2969

Katie McCaffrey, 2nd Dan #2970

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