SLU Karate Club Constitution

Article I Name:

The Karate Club at Saint Louis University

Article II Purpose:

The SLU Karate Club is an organization designed to allow students with a mutual interest in the Martial Arts to gather together and learn the art of Tang Soo Do. The aims of the club are simple: We wish to promote not only the learning of martial arts, but to increase student relationships through the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship. In addition, the Saint Louis University Karate Club shall reflect Saint Louis University’s commitment to education and the Jesuit Catholic mission in their purpose and all their actions.

Article III Membership:

There are no requirements to join the SLU Karate Club. All students are welcome on an equal basis. Both beginner and advanced students are encouraged to join, as well as students from other styles of martial arts. There is no limit to the number of students who may enroll in the club. (Provided the enrollment does not exceed the capacity of the workout area.).

Article IV Officers:

This club shall have four officers. As the need arises other offices may be added through the amendment process. The officers shall be chosen by a majority vote of quorum, and discretion of the instructor of the Club. New officers shall be elected at the last meeting of the school year. All officers may remain in office until they decide to cease active membership in the Club; officers may be removed from office if, with the majority consent of the instructor and the remaining officers, such action is required.

Article V Offices:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Article VI Meetings:

A meeting time shall be designated in accordance with the Department of Campus Recreation Administration. Classes will be held twice a week during PM hours. Special meetings may be called by the instructor and/or the President of the Club. In order to consider a class official, quorum shall be defined as one-third full membership in attendance.

Article VII Faculty:

Sam Kelner (Sports Clubs Director), Sandi Ford (Financial Director).

Article VIII Amendments:

All amendments to the constitution shall first be agreed upon by the instructor and the officers of the club, and then will be brought before the members of the club for ratification.

Article IX Ratification:

This version of the constitution was ratified on September 28th, 2005.


  1.  All members have the right to participate in any activity in which the club may engage. (Two work outs per week and any other function the officers and instructor of the Club deem beneficial to the Club’s existence.) All members have a duty to uphold the basic elements of good conduct: Good sportsmanship and respect for their fellow students and instructor. Any member of the Club may be expelled for gross violation of these duties. The instructor and officers shall judge whether such a violation has occurred and will undertake means to remedy the situation. Resignation of office shall be given to the instructor; there are no special requirements for resignation.
  2. There shall be no honorary members.
  3. At the inception of the Club there shall be no membership fees. Such a fee may be introduced in the future through the amendment process. There shall be an end of the semester testing fee which shall not exceed $25. This fee shall go to the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation. This organization gives the instructor the permission to teach the art of Tang Soo Do. Testing within the Cheezic Federation will result in a rank of achievement awarded to each student. This rank will be designated by a colored belt system in addition to a grading certificate.
  4. New officers or returning officers shall be assigned at the end of each year for the start of the corresponding year. The four primary officers shall be chosen by the instructor from the various members of the club. There shall be no restrictions as to who may apply for these positions. It will be up to the instructor’s discretion who will be most suited to administer the duties of said offices. Duties of Club officers: The President and Vice President shall act as a liaison between the Club and University Officials, including the Student Government Association. The Secretary shall perform such duties as the President and Vice President deem necessary for the continued prosperity and enrollment of the Club. The Treasurer shall collect dues, keep the account in good standing, and do the club budget.
  5. There shall be no Executive Committee.
  6. Amending the By-Laws shall follow the same process as amendment of the Constitution.


  1. As of October 5, 1991 by the suggestion of Student Life the name of the club shall be the Karate Club at Saint Louis University, rather than the Saint Louis University Karate Club. The reason for this is to designate the club as a sponsored function rather than a University chartered athletic or sports team.
  2.  As of October 5, 1991. The club will be responsible for upholding and enforcing all procedures outlined by the Dept. of Campus Recreation governing the club’s utilization of facilities under the Department’s direction.
  3. There will be a ten dollar fee for the semester. There are two reasons for this charge. First, is the SGAs lack of funding for the year, and second, is the Simon Recreation Center’s time allotment policy which states that any club using the Rec. Center for more than three hours per week must pay a five dollar charge for each additional hour used.
  4. As of September 8, 1992 the club will raise its membership fee. For new members it will be twenty dollars and for existing members it will be fifteen dollars.
  5. As of September 5, 1994 the club will raise its membership fee. For new members it will be thirty dollars and for existing members it will be twenty five dollars.
  6. As of September 28, 2005, the Secretary shall function as the Student Organization Cabinet (SOC) Representative, fulfilling all duties as requested by SGA.
  7. As of September 2005 the club will raise its membership fee. For all members, the fee per semester will be $30.
    – The titles “Karate Club at St. Louis University” and “St. Louis University Karate Club” are interchangable.
    – The Simon Receation Center does not impose a room reservation fee for Sport Clubs.
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